My first week in Bangkok

Well, I have been in Bangkok for nearly a week now.  It’s been a lovely relaxing week of chilling out at dads, eating yummy Thai food, doing a bit of shopping and reading.

As Dad lives in the whop-whops one of the first things I got him to do was to help me fix up Pats bike I can get around by myself when everyone is at work [Pat is my little stepsister].   I very quickly learnt why Thais don’t generally do exercise outside – its too darn hot!   Yep, it was a stupid idea – but out of stubbornness I have ridden it nearly every day!

Favourite site while riding my bike: 2 guys on a bicycle, the back guy was holding 2 panes of glass!!!  No helmets, jandals for footwear and they were cycling head on into the traffic!   I wish I had taken my camera!

So its all fun and games over here!  Megan arrives tonight, we will be playing Tourist in Bangkok for a few days and then will fly to Vietnam on Tuesday (eeeeek I am so excited!!!).   I will post some photos of Bangkok before we head to Vietnam.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

One thought on “My first week in Bangkok”

  1. I really like your page Ju its real neat …..vvvveeerrryyy proooofessssional.

    I have stopped crying now …. but miss you already….

    I am sooo glad you arrrived safe and well.

    How is Dad and Kob??/Pat and Moi???

    Need full gosip.

    Take care darling girl.. I lowe you heaps…

    Ps A word from your wise big sister…..don’t kiss any turtles…

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