Welcome to my new weblog!

Hello everyone, welcome to my new weblog!  I had some ‘issues’ with my webhoster in NZ so I will use this as my online diary for a few months and then will upload the rest of my website later (when I get back from my 2 months backpacking).   So… why am I writing a blog I hear some ask (esp those who aren’t updated on the latest gossip or who don’t actually know me!).   WELL – I have finally quit my job and am embarking on my 3rd OE… the key difference is this time I don’t plan on working unless I have to!So far the plan is:

  • a week bumming around in Bangkok (nearly done)     
  •  2 months traveling around Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with my friend Megan.  We will also see a little bit of Thailand as we are using Bangkok as our base (my dad lives here)       
  • 1 month bumming around/learning Thai in Bangkok after Megan goes home        
  •  3 months Volunteering in North Eastern Thailand (teaching English)
  •  Catching up with a few friends who are going to visit me in Thailand (Aimee and Jono at the end of Oct, Albert for 2 weeks over Christmas/New Years)        
  • This is where the plan peters out… I think I will be broke so I might need to look for work (bummer).   Maybe I will get a job in Thailand or I could teach English in South Korea… who knows!

So, that’s what this website is for… to keep a record of my trip and to keep in touch with friends and family.   I hope you enjoy it! 


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

One thought on “Welcome to my new weblog!”

  1. yeah good stuff ju, go hard and enjoy, good to chat to you the other day…. i might have to start one of these up for my pending trip to south america =)

    when your trip peters out get your butt over here to the uk, just make sure you arrive in summer, not winter….

    from your lil bruv mike =)

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