Welcome to my new weblog!

Hello everyone, welcome to my new weblog!  I had some ‘issues’ with my webhoster in NZ so I will use this as my online diary for a few months and then will upload the rest of my website later (when I get back from my 2 months backpacking).   So… why am I writing a blog I hear some ask (esp those who aren’t updated on the latest gossip or who don’t actually know me!).   WELL – I have finally quit my job and am embarking on my 3rd OE… the key difference is this time I don’t plan on working unless I have to!So far the plan is:

  • a week bumming around in Bangkok (nearly done)     
  •  2 months traveling around Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with my friend Megan.  We will also see a little bit of Thailand as we are using Bangkok as our base (my dad lives here)       
  • 1 month bumming around/learning Thai in Bangkok after Megan goes home        
  •  3 months Volunteering in North Eastern Thailand (teaching English)
  •  Catching up with a few friends who are going to visit me in Thailand (Aimee and Jono at the end of Oct, Albert for 2 weeks over Christmas/New Years)        
  • This is where the plan peters out… I think I will be broke so I might need to look for work (bummer).   Maybe I will get a job in Thailand or I could teach English in South Korea… who knows!

So, that’s what this website is for… to keep a record of my trip and to keep in touch with friends and family.   I hope you enjoy it! 

Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

1 thought on “Welcome to my new weblog!”

  1. yeah good stuff ju, go hard and enjoy, good to chat to you the other day…. i might have to start one of these up for my pending trip to south america =)

    when your trip peters out get your butt over here to the uk, just make sure you arrive in summer, not winter….

    from your lil bruv mike =)

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