My Son (a day trip from Hoi An)

While in Hoi An we decided to take a break from the temptation of clothes shopping and see some sights. So we booked a ‘sunrise’ tour to see My Son, Vietnam’s most important centre of the ancient kidom of Champa, dates back from the 4th Century to the 13th centuray and is now a world UNESCO heritage site. We left the hotel at 5am expecting to see sunrise over the ruins – unfortunatly the sun was well and truely up by the time we arrived (grrr… talk about false advertising) but it was lovely to walk around the ruins with a small group in the relative coolness of the morning. The My Son complex has been divided into several main groups and have been given boring scientific names like Group A, Group B…etc. We spent most of the time in Group B) as it is in pretty good condition. The others were a little bit worse for wear due to being destroyed either by the American bombing during the US War/Vietnam War or natural means (the weather). They have been doing a good job to restore what they can of the ruins and it was an interesting break from shopping!

Here are some photos of My Son:

My SonMy Son My Son

My SonMy SonMy Son - a shell from the war next to some ancient ruinsMy Son


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