Nha Trang – A bit of R and R

So after the trauma of Quy Nhon we hit the real beach.  Yippee!  A chance to work on our tans, drink copious amounts of cocktails and generally relax.  We decided to begin with a little pampering, so we hit the beauty salon for a bit of TLC and then it was BEACH TIME! 

We hired a couple of beach loungers for the day andsunbathed, swam, drank and ate.  The beauty with the loungers is that you don’t even have to move.  On the click of the fingers they will bring you 2 chocolate ice cream sundaes…or whatever it is that you desire… Bliss. 

Julia and her lounger on the beach

The next day we wanted to up the ante a bit so we booked a trip on a boat to do some island hopping.  The trip was $6USD each for the day including lunch so we were a little skeptical as to how it might be.  The van picked us up and wewere taken down to Ca Bau wharf where we were herded onto aboat with 25 Vietnamese and a Chinese couple.  We weren’t overly impressed at this stage and were already scheming ways we could jump ship and ditch the group to allow for R&Ron a secluded beach!

First stop was Mun Island for some snorkeling.  More than half the boat got off on the island and the remainder carried on around the corner for swimming and snorkeling offthe boat.  We were the only two people on the boat who didn’t need a rubber ring and a life jacket which was abit of a laugh!  The snorkeling was pretty average, probably due to the hundreds of noisy people splashing about and occasional rude glass bottom boat scaring the fish away.  While the snorkeling was average, the swimming was lovely. Our tour guide looked very trick in his bright yellow and black striped speedos, floating in a rubber ring with a can of beer clasped between his knees!

After snorkeling we were off to another island where weparked up for lunch.  We had a lovely shared Vietnamese mealand after lunch our tour guide whipped out his guitar for abit of a singing session!  He sang in Vietnamese, English,French and Mandarin and then sang us a lovely version of Pokarekare Ana!  

After the singing it was time for the promised surprise… Our tour guide pulled out several bottles of wine and therewas a “floating bar” for happy hour in the sea! Thebartender was dishing out cups of mulberry wine andpineapple but we had to jump off the boat into the water toget them. The Vietnamese thought this was a hell of a joke (as did we) and after several rounds of “Mot, Hai, Ba, Yoooh!”(1,2,3 Cheers!) we were all rather drunk! 

Food The floating bar!

After happy hour it was time for a trip to yet another island. Some more relaxing and sunbathing for Julia andMegan tried out Parasailing (perhaps she was still drunk from the happy hour).   And then it was time to go to our final island for the daybefore hitting the mainland. 

Megan Parasailing 

On this island we visited theaquarium.  Megan thought it was rather impressive, Julia however wasn’t overly impressed as she would have preferred another beach with deckchairs and cocktails! 


Our last day in Nha Trang consisted of much the same as ourfirst day, that is sunbathing, swimming, drinking andeating!  For lunch we had fresh bbq prawns cooked on thebeach in front of us and served with a chilli and limesauce.  Devine! Check out our personal chef:  


In the afternoon Megan wandered around while Julia checked out an impressive photography exhibition of famous local photographer Long Thanh.     The evening consisted of…. more cocktails!

Megan and the famous Berlini Cocktail (many were consumed in Nah Trang)


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