Phnom Penh

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We checked ourselves into the Okay Guest House (which actually turned out to be not so okay….I won’t describe the filth in detail, but needless to say we have splashed out tonight paying $18 for a room in a different hotel instead of $6). It is pretty bad if you decide not to take a shower because it would be cleaner not to!!!

The first awesome thing we have noticed about Cambodia is the improvement in food. The food here is delicious. The best thing so far is the Amok (a coconut and lemongrass curry). On the down side, we have both noticed a remarkable increase in the number of beggars. It is so hard as we can’t give to everybody and it makes you think how lucky we are. Julia gave a half-drunk bottle of water to a lady who was extremely grateful.

We jumped into a tuk tuk to go down to the Tuol Sleng Museum. Both of us were rather apprehensive about going as we had a Norwegian traveller with tears streaming down his face telling us about his visit the day before.  Formerly the site was a high school, but was taken over by Pol Pot’s security forces between 1975 and 1979 and turned into a prison, the largest centre of detention and torture in Cambodia.  It was so sad to see room after room of prisoner photos in the actual setting where the horrific torture occurred.  Of the 17,000 people detained only 7 survived.


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I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

One thought on “Phnom Penh”

  1. Hello
    Good to hear from you again.Ive been checking the blog every day 5 days, and with no response I thought you were lost in the Jungle. Dads’ need to hear from there daughters every 2 days even when they only reply every 2weeks. I am still trying to work out if it was the lady or the bottle of water that was half drunk!
    Hope you continue to enjoy your wonderful trip
    Cheers NED

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