The Mighty Mekong

To make our entry into Cambodia a little more interesting we opted to take a 3 day trip down the Mekong Delta followed by an exit by boat to Cambodia.  It was a relaxing 3 days where we were shown the mighty Mekong River (it begins in the Tibetan Mountains and runs all the way down Asia before exiting into the South China Sea in Southern Vietnam).

The slow boat (for canals only)

We cruised the Upper Mekong River, stopping off to sample some local fruits at an orchard. They were playing some traditional Vietnamese folk songs for us….I think it was meant to be relaxing but it sounded like cats on heat….needless to say we didn’t purchase the CD!

We had the opportunity to see how to make Coconut Candy, sampled some banana whisky and some honey tea. We also had the thrill of wrapping a 2 metre long python around us for a photo….I still can’t believe I did it given my extreme fear of all things reptile. Neither of us were game enough to sample the snake wine.

Overnight we stayed in some simple bungalow huts on the Mekong. Fell asleep to the quiet chattering sound of geckos. 
The morning was spent cruising the Mekong by boat, having a look at village life and the floating markets.
The afternoon we took the mini-van out to Chau Doc, near the Cambodian border stopping off on the way to see a crocodile farm and the Cave Pagoda at the Sam Mountain. There were lovely views of the rice paddies over to the Cambodian border. We had dinner and a few drinks with 2 hilarious French girls and an English girl.

 The final day, we were shown a Cham minority village where we saw traditional weaving and a fish farm. The village houses sit on the water of the Mekong and the farms with hundreds of thousands of fish are under the houses! 

We jumped in a speed boat and sped up the Mekong towards the border. I’m glad we took the speed boat and not the ‘slow boat’ as the journey to Pnomh Penh was still 6 hours (including the time to get Visas at the border of course).  Now we’re in Phnom Penh. So far our impression of Cambodia is quite different to Vietnam…. more about that in the next blog.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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