Elephant Trekking through the Jungle

Posted by Megan.  Julia recommends you whistle the baby elephant song before you read this (or, if you are really clever you could whistle the song and read at the same time):

We drove about 30 minutes out of Luang Prabang to have a go at elephant trekking. I hopped onto the back of a 35 year old female called Bourhum. It was exhilarating. We trekked for 2 hours through the jungle. It was so scary going up and down steep muddy banks and when it started to pour with rain, we picked giant leaves to use as umbrellas. I really felt like royalty. We even took the elephants into the river for some swimming. My elephant was a bit of a trickster and took great delight in using her trunk to splash water all over me (on the mahout’s command of course).  When we got back I rewarded Bourhum with a couple of bunches of bananas. Such a beautiful animal I was captivated. 

 Julia Attinborough! Elephants Trekking - oh so much fun!  Elephants Trekking Julia on her elephant Megans Elephant Elephant Elephant Feeding

The afternoon we caught the long tail boat up the river to the Tat Sae water falls. We swam at the waterfall and took advantage of the pounding water for a complimentary massage.  We spent the rest of the afternoon in a café overlooking the waterfall drinking beer with our guide.

 Megan in the waterfall The Tad Sae Waterfall


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