Thai Cooking School

Posted by Megan: 

Julia was really excited to sign up for a Thai Cooking Class as she loves Thai food. Our class was a fun group made up of 2 Aussies, 4 Chinese and us. Our tutor took us to the local market where she talked us through the ingredients we would be using. It was neat as we carried baskets around and filled them up with fruit and veges etc to take back. On the menu for the day was: 

  • Pad Thai (Thai Style noodles)

  • Tom Yum Soup

  • Green Curry Paste (from scratch – mental note Megan: chili in your eye is painful)

  • Chicken Green Curry

  • Coconut Water Chestnut Dessert

 We were given a lovely cook book to use and gorgeous blue and white aprons to wear (Don’t you see the Smurf resemblance?) The finished results were delicious.

The smurfs! Cooking  

Afterwards we tuk tuked it to the Chiang Mai train station. We booked overnight air con sleeper beds to Bangkok. The journey took 13 hours and although the beds were extremely comfortable neither of us slept very well.


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