More Monkeys on Monkey Mountain… and an update on the status of my tan!

Well….  I figured that its about time I put another blog on here…  I think I am still going though a little bit of ‘Megan withdrawal’ as it feels wrong posting without her .  Who will check my spelling and grammar!?!  Oh well…  I am sure you will cope.

News from me…  I’ve been working!  I KNOW!  Shock horror.  Basically I need money and Dad needs someone to sort out their IT infrastructure at his company.  Consequently I have been spending the last week planning a server upgrade and planning the setup of his network from a workgroup structure to a domain structure (this is quite a big change).  Fun fun fun.  I haven’t done this sort of work in ages so it’s been a bit of a refresher on networking/sys admin stuff.

What else….  I have noticed that my tan is starting to fade significantly….  I might have to do something about that soon and find some quality ‘pool time’.    I did go to the beach last weekend with Dad and Kob, I was hoping for a wee tan top up but unfortunately it rained!!!    

Bangsaen Beach The view from my deckchair Bangsaen Beach…

Oh well, I got to have a YUMMY thai meal and some chill out time in the shade of the ‘sun’ umbrella (which also works well as a ‘rain’ umbrella)

 Lunch… before…. Lunch…. after! Random chicken at resturant (by dads car)

AND… on the way to the beach we went to Monkey Mountian… 

Driving over Monkey Mountian Monkey Mountian More Monkeys on Monkey Mountian 

What else is news…  I cooked a big thai meal  last week.  What a mission!!! I can see why Thai people often eat out or pick up their dinner at the market!     I cooked Tom Kha Ghai (spicy coconut chicken soup), Laab Moo (pork mince spicy salad) and Pad Krapow Moo (spicy pork with holy basil leaves)… and rice.   All and all the meal was yummy, it was fun cooking it (even if it took over 2hrs), I think the family were happy with my efforts AND I got help with the dishes!

Cooking my first Thai meal The dishes fairy (aka Pat)

Well, that is about it from me… I think I have another 2 weeks or so before I head up country to teach English, I think I will be working all of next week but hopefully working on my tan the week after!   

I hope everyone is fine and dandy.   I miss everyone lots.

Xxx  J.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

5 thoughts on “More Monkeys on Monkey Mountain… and an update on the status of my tan!”

  1. Oh my god…I’m still recovering from the severity of some of your spelling mistakes!!!! Like nails on a blackboard I tell you!

    Good to talk to you today….yay for having a new lappie with a web cam….the world seems a whole lot smaller.

    PS Clare dropped off a wee love package for me today….thanks hun!

  2. hang on a mo… what smelling mistakes? I checked it with the microsoft smell checker in word! I dont understand… it must be my creative genious at work!!

    Miss you so much megs, ITS SO LOVELY TO GET COMMENTS ON THIS THING (hint hint to the rest of you!!!!). Im going to get skype and webcam as soon as I win lotto (or get paid for this job I am doing at dads work)…. so you can SEE me soon!!!

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