Work schmirk and the hot rock massage

Well, I figured I better keep adding to this blog even though I haven’t really been doing that much of interest to anyone!   Yep, you guessed it… I have been working.    Working long hours too as it is the norm in dad’s office to work on Saturdays; I have to say Friday is not Friday if you have to work on Saturday!!!!     [My old DOL buddies will remember how much I loooooved FRIDAYS in NZ!].  I’ve been working on a big upgrade to the computer system at dads work, this has meant I have had some long days and have had to brush up on my old SysAdmin skills… It has all been a bit of a shock to the system after 2 months of no work and all play!  I must say, I definitely prefer to be a Business Analyst than a Systems Administrator.  

There was a holiday in Thailand on Tuesday and the office was closed so I got a day off… yay!  Kob (my sort of step mum but more of a friend) and I went to the day spa…  wow, what a treat!   I got a Hot Rock Massage…  which is basically an oil massage but they put hot rocks on me and massaged me with hot rocks…  sounds strange but it was looooovely.      

After our pampering session we went to the local temple as there was a fair happening – we played lots of games and wasted lots of money doing silly things like throwing darts at balloons, fishing for goldfish with tissue nets and playing bingo   We did win a big soft toy and we had a lot of fun….. so it wasn’t all bad!!!

Other news…. I go teaching soon (next Friday I think)…  eek scary!  Teaching is going to be a big adventure, I cant wait!  I found Bou Yai on the map today so I have some sence of where I will be going.  And I feel reasonably well prepared as I have stopped getting a sore tummy every time I eat spicy food AND have mastered the squat toilet… In fact I can even use a squatter on a moving train which is quite an accomplishment.

Right… spose I better go.…   I hope everyone is fine and dandy, I miss everyone lots ….   Xxxx  J.