28 going on 44

I had an interesting taxi ride back from work today as my taxi driver was very talkative and interested about my life.   I am starting to get the feeling that the general population of Thailand is concerned about the fact that I am not married at 28.  They get even more worried when they hear I don’t have a boyfriend!   For the first time I am starting to worry about getting old.  OK, that is a lie – I had a little “’Im going to be 30 soon’ panic attack when I was 27 which was a contributing factor to me buggering off overseas again for ‘one last OE’ before I do get to old (or tied down) to travel.

Seriously though, I have had the ‘why don’t you have a husband yet’ talk 3 times today!!!  The taxi driver even went as far to say if I didn’t find someone before I turn 30 I will not be able to find anyone at all!  Kob’s mother reckons I could try and find a nice Thai boyfriend when I go teaching up country.  And Kob thinks I should find a nice forang (foreigner) in Bangkok… yeah right, the forang guys here don’t even look at the western women over here (unless they are married to them).

After a little ponder this evening I have decided not to worry about all these inquiries; I will pass them off as ‘cultural curiosity’ and will continue to enjoy my singledom.   I don’t think I have anything to worry about yet, I am going to continue to enjoy my little phase of ‘its all about Julia’ and enjoy the freedom of exploring the world by myself for a bit longer!!! 


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

One thought on “28 going on 44”

  1. In Thailand it’s almost consider a sin if you’re a young lady of 28 and not only married, but you’re suppose to have at least one child.

    I don’t see it that way, but my American friend’s wife left him because she was 28 and he wanted to wait for a couple of years – not for her!

    Take Care,

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