Julia’s designer breakfast!!!

So… a few days left in Bangkok before I head north to Bou Yai!   Eekk…. The unknown is very exciting, I have no idea who I will be staying with, how big my school is, what its like being a teacher…etc.   I’ve also been told scary stories about the food in North Eastern Thailand.  Apparently it can be a bit ‘rough’ as they like it very spicy and they don’t always cook the meat!  

Speaking of food… I designed the coolest breakfast yesterday!   It was so cool that I decided to make it again today and take a photo to put on the blog.  As you can see I shared my breakfast this morning with the Service Design Travel Companions as I figured they would appreciate my new designer dish.   Check it out:

  The Service Designers and Julias Designer Breakfast! And a closeup ’cause I am sure you need a closer look!

If you cant tell from the picture this is what it is:  Its Toast (brown bread no butter), with mooshed Banana on top, sprinkled with frozen M&Ms to give it a nice crunchy texture (as I don’t like mooshy stuff very much).  

 How cool is that!   It’s a bit of a treat breakfast and you wouldn’t want to have it everyday (as you feel a bit sick for the first 20-30 mins after you eat it) but its really cool!!!   I was quite proud (obviously).

OK – on that note, I will go…  let me know what you think of my breakfast if you end up trying it out