Julia’s designer breakfast!!!

So… a few days left in Bangkok before I head north to Bou Yai!   Eekk…. The unknown is very exciting, I have no idea who I will be staying with, how big my school is, what its like being a teacher…etc.   I’ve also been told scary stories about the food in North Eastern Thailand.  Apparently it can be a bit ‘rough’ as they like it very spicy and they don’t always cook the meat!  

Speaking of food… I designed the coolest breakfast yesterday!   It was so cool that I decided to make it again today and take a photo to put on the blog.  As you can see I shared my breakfast this morning with the Service Design Travel Companions as I figured they would appreciate my new designer dish.   Check it out:

  The Service Designers and Julias Designer Breakfast! And a closeup ’cause I am sure you need a closer look!

If you cant tell from the picture this is what it is:  Its Toast (brown bread no butter), with mooshed Banana on top, sprinkled with frozen M&Ms to give it a nice crunchy texture (as I don’t like mooshy stuff very much).  

 How cool is that!   It’s a bit of a treat breakfast and you wouldn’t want to have it everyday (as you feel a bit sick for the first 20-30 mins after you eat it) but its really cool!!!   I was quite proud (obviously).

OK – on that note, I will go…  let me know what you think of my breakfast if you end up trying it out


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

3 thoughts on “Julia’s designer breakfast!!!”

  1. Eh Eh ehhh. It looks delicious…..I want to try it….Hopefully you get this before you head off into the bush. Look after yourself, look out for badgers, stay of the vodka jugs and be yourself. Thats all my advice for today. Will keep you updated with any goss ; ) No goss yet. My wardrobe arrived this week. I took great delight in unpacking. It was like Christmas. Missing you lots. Mxx

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