The end of another week at school

Well, it’s the end of another week of school.   When I first arrived and was walking around the school grounds the kids would stare and giggle.  After a few days they would yell out ‘hello’, this changed to ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Bye’ and now they sometimes ask me ‘Where are you going?’     This must be progress!!!  

I am enjoying teaching and have found it is quite easy being an English teacher if you keep it simple.  I tried to play a few new games this week but it was impossible for me to get the instructions across to the kids as they were too complex and the language barrier was too high.  I couldn’t even get them to play ‘Simon says’ as they are so used to copying/repeating they didn’t get the concept that I didn’t want them to copy me if I did not say ‘Simon says’!!!    Mai pen rai (never mind), I used my failed attempt of Simon says as a ‘learning by doing’ exercise.  

This is a photo of my ‘Superman’ lesson.   I get the students into 3 or 4 groups, each group has to race to write sentances with the word ‘Superman’ in it.  After 10mins or so, we correct the sentances and I award points to each team.  The winning team got 3 stickers each for thier sticker chart (stickers are great motivation for my students).

Superman game

Here are some photos of my ‘weather lesson’ – I taught the youngest kids in the school (12-13yrs old) some weather vocabulary and then we sang and danced to ‘The Weather Song’.   Afterwards the students made me and the Thai teacher sing and dance!  It was hilarious – the kids loved to see their Thai teacher dance.

My lovely artwork! My weather lesson My weather lesson - the kids doing the actions to the song The kids made us dance at the end of the lesson!!!
Here are some photos of the kids at the flag ceremony.  Every morning at 8am they meet to pay their respects to the king and sing the school song.  then they have a school assembly and listen to the director or the teachers for 15-20mins.  

 The morning flag ceremony Flag ceremony

Here are some random photos (me and some teachers at school, kids playing a game at school and the view from the English room (our sort of office):Some of the teachers at school  Some of the younger kids playing a game  The view from the english room   


Something strange in my lunchbox

My host family has taken to sneaking ‘forang friendly’ goodies into the basket of my bicycle each morning before I go to school.   Usually it’s a bag of popcorn, a sponge cake or some fruit.  Today I got some strange looking fluorescent yellow “bread” and a “bun” filled with purple goo!   Eeew….  the bread here is nothing like the bread at home, I miss my Vogals bread with vegemite on top!!!

Something strange in my lunchbox

A school parade…

Today school was closed in the morning so the kids could parade though the village encouraging the villagers to vote in the general election that is coming up (well, I am pretty sure that is what it was about, not 100% sure as I didn’t understand anything that was said during the speaches). 

I thought it was a bit strange because the kids are too young to vote and most of the people in the village were already at work in the rice fields… so there were not many people to see our parade!    Oh well, it was an interesting break from the classroom. 

Here are some photos:

The parade Senior Students in the Parade at School The parade

Loy Krathong Festival

Loy Krathong is a festival that happens in Thailand on the 12th lunar full moon.  Friends and families get together to launch a Krathong into the river for good luck and to worship the goddess of water.    I haven’t explained this well so if you are interested check out :
It was Loy Krathong on Saturday, so I went to my host sister’s school to help her class with their entry in the ‘best Krathong’ competition.   It took us most of the morning but I was impressed at how well the class worked together….  Here are some photos of the work in progress and the finished Krathong:

Work in progress Work in progress Finished

And some of the other entries:

Other entries Some of the other entries 
Then in the evening I went to Bou Yai with my host sister (Bang), my host grandmother and niece (Wan) to launch a little Krathong in a large pond (there are no rivers in this area).      

Crazy things at the market…

I went to the market in Bou Yai with some teachers at school and I got the opportunity to sample some of the local delicacies that can be found in Thai markets:

  Scorpian for dinner anyone? Kentucky Fried Bugs

I didn’t eat the scorpion but I did try a fried baby cricket.  It wasn’t as bad as I expected, it tasted like a garlicky chip….having said that, I was disgusted by the fact a little leg got stuck in my teeth so I doubt I will be eating fried crickets again in a hurry!
We also had a wander around the market and had some noodles for dinner (I picked out the bits of intestine, lumps of blood and chunks of liver).  I fed a baby elephant, watched our school team play volleyball, quickly checked out some Chinese opera and had a wander around the fair.  There is a special festival on at Bou Yai at the moment so the little town comes alive in the evenings.  

Me feeding the baby elephant at the market Chinese Soap Opera Group Photo

The blog has been updated!

Finally…  Internet access is very unreliable and a bit patchy up in Bou Yai so while in Bangkok I did a mass update of the blog(the entries have been backdated).   When I got back to Bou Yai I persevered with the slow connection and added the photos.   

Check out this link to see all the new entries: