The first day of school!

The first day of school On my first day I was picked up by Kruu To (aka ‘Hunter Foreigner’ as he likes to hunt foreigners down to talk to them in English) and rode to school in style on the back of his motorbike. Luckily Megan and I had a lot of practice riding motorcycles in Vietnam so I wasn’t freaked out by having to ride on the back of the motorcycle like I used to be.

I met lots of teachers in the morning before school and ‘chatted’ to the students I had met on the Sunday. At 8am I went to the morning flag ceremony which is when all the students and teachers assemble at the front of the school and raise the Thai flag and pay their respects to the king. After the flag ceremony I had to introduce myself to the whole school…. I don’t think I have ever spoken to a big crowd before so it was a ‘character building’ experience… I was so nervous that even though I tried to speak very very slowly it wasn’t slow enough and no one could understand me, consequentially my little speech got a few giggles!

I didn’t really teach anything for the first few days at school, I spent a lot of time being introduced to people and getting used to how the school operates. I went into a few classes to give a ‘slow’ introduction about myself and New Zealand (using postcards as teaching aids) and see if I could get the kids to speak with me. I am the first foreigner that most of these kids have ever seen, so I got a lot of stares and giggles! Their level of spoken English is quite low and they are very very shy so getting them to talk to me was a little like getting blood out of a stone! Oh well, I have 3 months to get them chatting to me…. it can only get better!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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