The end of the first week at school

Well, what a full on week!   I am absolutely exhausted!  I knew this wouldn’t be easy but I didn’t realise it would be so tiring!!! 

I wake up every morning at 5am to the sound of roosters squawking around the village.    I lie in bed trying to sleep/dooze until 5.45/6.00am when I get up for my first cold shower of the day.   I get ready for school and then have breakfast with my host brother and host sister (usually rice, egg and meat).   After breakfast I head off to school on my nice new red bicycle that some of the teachers at school kindly gave me to get around the village.    I get a lot of laughs, hellos and good mornings on the way to school.

I either hang out with the students or the teachers until the flag ceremony, then I spend the rest of the day teaching (I take 3 classes a day) or trying to talk to people.   Conversation with the students is still limited to ‘hello’, ‘how are you’, ‘I am fine’, ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘ok’ and ‘goodbye’ so it is quite tiring talking with them!   I have a picture dictionary which has been an excellent tool to get some sort of a dialogue going, I also know a bit of Thai so I can translate the basics to try and get the meaning across.   I think they can understand me, I think they are able to speak to me but they are just too shy and scared to speak English!!!   This will change though!!! 

Life at home is good.  I chill out at home when I have time (reading, learning thai..etc), sometimes I watch a bit of Thai TV with the family (there is one program in particular we tend to watch, its very crazy… if you thought the acting on Shortland Street is bad you should watch TV in Thailand!!!!).   I eat dinner with my host family on the floor (Thai people eat together on a mat on the floor), sometimes we try and learn English/Thai together…  and then I go to bed very early on account of being exhausted by 7pm (I try to stay up till at least 8pm though).  


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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