Food Glorious Food… and stupid traveller’s tummy!

The food thing has been a bit difficult as it is so different here to what I have been eating in Bangkok,  I have  also got a stupid sensitive stomach, so I’ve had about 5 or 6 minor bouts of ‘travellers tummy’ already.   When people travel and eat food which is so different to their home country they often have problems and a few bouts of ‘travellers tummy’… its very common.  
A few days after I arrived I was feeling so crook I couldn’t eat as food made me want to vomit.  It was so hard sitting there trying to eat (to be polite) but being worried about vomiting it up (which wouldn’t be polite either).   The family noticed I wasn’t eating, so I told them I had a sore stomach and sat sipping water while they finished eating.   I went to bed pretty early as I was very tired and feeling crook.   The family then got very worried about me, called one of the teachers, who called the director… they all got worried, made a fuss and wanted to take me to the doctors!  How embarrassing….   I had to tell them its ok, its normal for westerners to get sore tummies when they eat different food and it will be ok once I get used to the new diet.  

Now everyone watches what I eat like a hawk and makes sure I have ‘easy’ food to eat.  


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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