Parent Teacher Meetings

On the Friday of my first week we had parent/teacher meetings…  this was interesting for me as it is quite different to parent/teacher meetings in NZ.   The junior school was in the morning, all the parents gathered in the hall to listen to the director and some senior teachers speak.   I had to take the microphone and introduce myself to the parents… I tried a bit of Thai, then English and then someone translated for me.    The parents then met with the student’s homeroom teacher (as a big group), filled in some forms and then left.   I think they will meet with the teacher individually about the student next week and go over what is on the forms… I am not 100% sure.  

In the afternoon it was the same caper with the senior school.  I had to make another speech to another group of parents…  I am starting to get used to talking to big groups now…  it is not as scary as it was that first day at school! 


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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