A weekend away to Roi Et

This weekend I was invited to stay at Kruu Ya’s house in her hometown.  So on Friday afternoon after a few drinks with the teachers after school Kruu Ya, another teacher and I headed to Roi Et (a large town about 30mins drive from Ya’s hometown).   At Roi Et we met Kruu Ya’s brother who took us to her parents place.   It was a 4 hour drive so by the time we got there, we chatted with Ya’s parents, had a nice cold shower and headed for bed.  

 I was so excited about the prospect of a sleep in… however, there seem to be roosters all over North East Thailand so I woke up at 5am dreaming about chickens and having cucumber in my eye.    Why did I dream about having cucumber in my eye?  Because my eye was VERY sore, red, swollen and crusty….  Not a good start to my weekend.   Slightly panicked I told Ya that I needed to go to the pharmacy to get some antibiotic eye drops.  So we walked around the corner and without an appointment I saw a doctor who spoke English within 1 minute of arriving at the clinic (that would NEVER happen in NZ).   I was given a truck load of pills and the very important eye drops.   My eye was ugly for the weekend but thankfully it was better before school on Monday!!!

On Saturday Ya took me sightseeing with her brother and two nieces.   We drove for a couple of hours and visited a very beautiful temple.   The temple isn’t finished yet but is absolutely amazing.    It is about 5-6 stories high, very beautiful (lots of gold decoration) and at the top is a shrine to Buddha with little jars of Buddha’s bones (ground down of course).      As a picture tells 1000 words, here are some photos:

The Temple Inside the temple Monks Buddhas Bones Inside the temple Me, Kruu Ya and her nieces The view from the top The girls

After the visit to the temple we drove back to Roi Et for a wander around the lakefront and a bite to eat before heading back to Ya’s parents house.   The lakefront is a pretty neat area in the evenings… lots of walkers, joggers, free aerobics and other sports and activities going on.   We went for a nice walk, I took some photos and we visited a little shrine.
Sunday was pretty cruisy… I played with Ya’s two nieces (they are 5 years and 10 years old).  I had a quick go on the internet and read my book.   In the afternoon we got in the car and made the 4 hour journey back to Bou Yai.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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