A party at school and a trip to Bangkok

 Seeing as the school is closed on Thurs and Friday I have decided to make the most of the long weekend and will go to Bangkok to do some shopping, pick up things I forgot at Dads and drop off things I really don’t need!     

As I have lost a little bit of weight since I got my new clothes made in Vietnam I need to go clothes shopping as my clothes don’t really fit me properly anymore!  Also, I underestimated the value of dressing nicely here, so I need some nice new clothes for teaching.    Its rather amusing, after backpacking for 2 months I thought tidy trousers and a nice top would be ok for teaching, however, I find it’s a lot better to wear I nice skirt and I nice top.  When I wear a skirt I seem to get a lot more respect from the kids and the teachers make nice comments in the morning about how nice I look!    Travelling overseas always makes me realise how sloppy most NZers dress!   

So on Thursday I chilled out at ‘home’, I went to a party at the school in the evening (to farewell the sub-director and introduce me) and then I took the train and travelled 9 hours to Bangkok!     

The party was heaps of fun.  We had a yummy meal, drank whiskey and danced.   Here are some photos:

 Some of the teachers at school  Me and the English teachers The director gives me flowers Drinks More dancing Dancing

Seeing as the internet is so unreliable in Bou Yai I plan to spend some quality internet time at Dads and do some research on ESOL, make some resources and plan my lessons for the rest of the year (this will make my life a lot easier for the next few months).  I will also finally update the blog and if I have time I will try and catch up on some emails.   
After my big weekend in the big city (and hopefully at least one big sleep in without roosters) I will head back to Bou Yai on Sunday night, I will be ready and rearing to go (with lots of new resources/lesson plans) for another 5 weeks of teaching before I head down to the south for some ‘quality beach’ time in Krabi and Ko Phi Phi.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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