My new purchase and the discovery of podcasts

This weekend when I was in Bangkok I was a bit naughty and impulse bought a new toy. For some reason I have been anti-ipod for several years so I was definitely going against my gut instinct when I bought one without doing the research to see if there is anything better on the market…. BUT…. I have to say, I love my new ipod. Its pretty, it’s loud, its small, it has lots of space (80G), its got all my music on it, some photos and even some movies. Oh and did I mention that it is really pretty?

Here is a photo of my beautiful new ipod:

 My new ipod…  isnt it pretty?

So this week I have discovered podcasts… They are great for people like me who are living in the middle of nowhere without a lot of English language around… I’ve been listening to The Flight of the Concords (funny NZ comedy), The Ricky Gervais Show (had me giggling out loud for 40 mins solid), some Ozzie radio DJ (he sucked, so I deleted him) and even some Radio NZ and BBC documentaries.

Hmmm… I wonder if they have Shortland street Shows on podcast?!? [joking people, joking… I am not that homesick yet!]. Seriously though, if you have any podcast recommendations please post a message on this thing… I will do a podcast download mission when I am next in Bangkok!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

2 thoughts on “My new purchase and the discovery of podcasts”

  1. Hey Julia, I would totally recommend WNYC’s Radio Lab & This American Life. Both podcasts have a theme each episode & are really interesting/random. I listened to loads of Ricky Gervais while on long car trips, great way to pass time!

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