Crazy things on the dinner table

Below is a classic example of some of the strange things that end up on the dinner table in Thailand.  I was sitting outside when my host grandma’s friend delivered a bucket of goodies for dinner.   I peered in the bucket to see a pile of tiny crabs and these strange insects:

Ewwww….  Malangohs for dinner

The insect is called a ‘Malangoh’ (or something like that), they are huge, fly around in the evenings and grow big enough to eat!  I think they are giant cockroaches.    I was genuinely interested in these creatures and was curious to know what their fate would be after their no doubt temporary stay in the bucket…   I was horrified to hear they were destined for the dinner table (or in our case, the dinner mat on the floor).    I was joking around (but half serious) trying to portray to my host family that these bugs freak me out something terrible… I was making funny faces and doing actions to show them crawling on me when I am sleeping.  The family thought it was a bit of a laugh and established that I am scared of ‘Malangohs’.  

I didn’t get to try eating Malangoh for dinner; I think they decided to have them when I am not at home!    Something I am definitely not complaining about.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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