A fishy protest to a yummy meal

Last night, after purchasing a Christmas tree Dad and I went to a fantastic restaurant.  The restaurant is called Samboon and has very good seafood.    There was only one problem with my meal… the second I sat down in my seat the river prawns in the tank right next to me started a protest!  The little guys were swimming into the corner of the tank, bashing their little heads into the glass and staring at me with their big googly eyes.  I swear they were trying to shout at me, yelling things like…  ‘say no to seafood’, ‘save the prawns’ and ‘long live the king prawn’.

I must admit, even though I felt rather guilty I still ate their cousins for dinner (BBQ Prawns) and even though they were tainted by guilt they were very yummy!

  Dinner The Prawns Protesting in the Tank


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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