Meet Parit the newest edition to the extended family.

Meet Parit (pronounced Paliet) the newest edition to the extended family.   Beau (my stepmums niece) had a beautiful baby boy on Dec 13.   He is sooooo cute, I am teaching him English by chatting to him – someone has to teach the little lad that his grandmother (Granny Moet) is not really his sister as she claims!!

Me and Parit

Beau and her baby boy:

Parit and his mum (Beau) Parit

Dad, me and Kob with Moet (Kobs sister, the grandmother) who is holding Parit:

The baby and the family  

Parit gets his haircut by the monk.   The hair was saved and will be released into a river (I think) as an offering to something/someone.   Sorry, a bit vague I know… Im not sure what the story is with the hair.

Parit gets a haircut by the monk


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