A jellyfish nibbled on my knee!!!

While in Krabi I got to visit a local hospital – not an emergency at all but something happened to my knee and I was freaking out and wanted a doctor to tell me what happened.  Basically one day it went red, the next day it started blistering and it was really sore!    The doctor was confused because I dont recall being bitten or hurting my knee but she gave me some creams…etc.

The general consensus when I got home is that I must have been bitten by a jellyfish… odd, you’d think Id notice a jellyfish taking a nibble at my knee!!!    

It is still crusty it seems to be mending… check out the photos.  

  Julias knee 01 Julias Knee 02 Julias knee 03 - the crusty phase


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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