My holiday to Ko PhiPhi and Krabi

More cocktails

I have just come back to Bangkok after 9 or so days in the South of Thailand.  Albert and I spent 9 or 10 days (I lost count) lazing on beaches, working on our tans, reading books, swimming, listening to music, eating, drinking and playing cards….  Bliss! 

Here are some photos:

  Albert Me and Maya Cocktails Krabi A dog at the cocktail bar The beach The hotel room at Krabi (this was a treat) Maya Beach 01 New friends at 5.30am on New Years morning A temple New friends Albert in the coolest Tuk Tuk 

The places we stayed were hit badly by the  tsunami in 2004, tourism has picked up and seems to be back to normal but you can still see a lot of rebuilding going on.    

The beaches in Krabi province are superb, the only problem is that the tourism has gotten to a stage where it has totally ruined the natural beauty of the area.  

This is just one example of how ugly tourism can be…   Maya Beach (very popular after being filmed in the movie ‘The Beach’.   The brochures show blue sea and beautiful beaches…. the reality is noisy speedboats, swimming in a zone protected by boats, hundreds of tourists and a suprise ‘fee’ to land on the island (national park entrance fee).  

The brochures:

 The Tourist Free Maya Beach 03 The Tourist Free Maya Beach 02 The Tourist Free Maya Beach 04 

v’s Reality:

 Maya Beach 02  Me and Maya Maya Beach 03

I think the other thing I struggled with on this trip is the fact that the average tourist experience of ‘thailand’ is a complete contrast to the Thailand I know and love.   To me the places we visited (Ko PhiPhi and Krabi) did not feel like Thailand at all, I felt like I could have been anywhere in the world!   In fact, the places we visited are so westernised that the Thais no longer have holidays there, I could count the number of Thai people I saw on holiday on one hand!   I understand why though, the Thai food is terrible and the prices are way inflated.    We couldn’t find a decent Pad Thai or Green Curry anywhere which is a surprise given these are 2 of the easiest dishes to make and are supposed to be signature dishes of Thailand!!  


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