English Camp (and Tour) – Rayong

Once I finally got there (see the previous post), English Camp was fun.  It was completely different to the other English Camp I did in BouYai, the teachers were more relaxed; a lot less organised and clearly had a lot less funding! 
Group photo at the beach

The kids left their school on the Friday evening and theoretically slept on the bus (thus saving $ on accommodation), when I met them at midday on Saturday they had spent the morning at a waterfall and all looked shattered!  The bus is decked out with a fab sound system, has disco lights and a DVD/Karaoke machine… so of course the kids partied all night.

We arrived at the beach, checked into the ‘resort’ which was more like an extremely budget ‘budget backpackers’ with some giant rooms where lots of people can sleep on the floor.   The accommodation would seem a bit rough for a group of western kids on camp, but these kids come from a poor area in Thailand so they are used to very basic living conditions – it wasn’t bad at all.

The rest of Saturday will filled with free time, swimming,  a couple of hours of English activities, more free time and then the kids on their projects (posters mapping out what they did on camp) and presented them.  

Group photo at the beach Another group photo on the beach The starfish The beach Volleyball on the beach The kids work hard  … while the teachers watch TV! Presentations

Sunday morning we had breakfast and headed off to Pattaya so the kids could go and harass foreigners (poor kids, I could see they were dreading it).   I said good bye to everyone (very sad as I wont see them for a long time) and went back to Bangkok.  

And one more group photo Another group photo


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