Agh – there is a big lizard in my garden!

ok – so technically he was outside the garden but still… check out this big guy!   The photos aren’t great as I didn’t want to get close and he didn’t stick around – he just gave me a ‘look’, poked his tounge out at me and then ran away.    Id say he was about a meter long, the size of a medium crocodile!      

Lizard!!! Lizard

I worked out what he is…. hes a ‘monitor’ here is a better photo from 

A monitor….


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

4 thoughts on “Agh – there is a big lizard in my garden!”

  1. Great shot of the monitor lizard Julia. We saw ones like that in Oz, then we saw the grand-daddy ones – Komodo dragons on Komodo Island, Indonesia. We all stood in a pen (they fenced US in, not the animals) and watched the dragons tear an already dead goat to bits and eat it.

  2. He he… thanks for your comments guys. It turns out there is a family of these guys living under our house! I wonder if they bite?

    The good news… the Thais reckon it is good luck to see one. Yay.. Ive seen 3 so far this year. Its going to be a lucky year!

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