Its raining, its pouring…..

…. the old man is snoring (te he, the old man is actually snoring, dad is upstairs having a nap after arriving from London this morning!!).

It is absolutely bucketing down outside… and except for the occasional little shower this is the first time it has actually rained in Samutprakarn in months!   And by golly is it pissing down, if this keeps up there will be flooding (hooray, an excuse not to go to the gym perhaps!?).     Its funny how the sound of rain feels nice and comforting… I guess that’s what happens when rain is a novelty instead of a regular occurrence!

Life is good over here, a bit dull – but good.   I’m planing a weekend in Hong Kong soon as I have to go to China for a work trip, I figured I ought to make the most of it and tack a weekend on either side of the trip… yay… Ive never been to Hong Kong before.    Any suggestions of things to do would be welcome.

 Right – best be off… another action packed day of worky stuff lies ahead (oh, and a stinky gym session).


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

One thought on “Its raining, its pouring…..”

  1. Bugger, fuck, shit!
    I just wrote this big long message about stuff to do in HK and then submitted it without putting in my email addy, and it DISAPPEARED!!!

    Here we go again…
    HK is cool! Love it! I liked going to Lang kwai fong which is the foreigner area, cool bars. Also, Soho (which I think stands for south of hollywood rd) has lots of delish restaurants. Lots. There was this one place called Jaspers which I think is owned by a Kiwi and I had the best sundae there.

    Wanchai is where all the prosititues hang out (like Suzy Wong) but on Wednesday, ladies drink free in most places so, worth a look (on Wednesdays)

    I went to Victoria Peak at night which was pretty spectac. Got there on the cable car which has the steepest gradient ever… a bit scared.

    Also, if you go a bit further a-field, there’s this place called Sha-tin and it has this cool buddhist monestary called the 10,000 buddhas monestary. You walk up this hill path and along the whole way are these cool buddhas in funky poses painted gold. It was really cool and not far from Sha Tin station.

    Hope this helps.

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