This is how homesick I was yesterday…

I googled ‘fish and chips’ (a New Zealand delicacy) and looked longingly at this picture for a few minutes!

F & C

The odd thing is that as much as I love the idea of fish and chips, I dont eat them much when I am in New Zealand.  But, right now – Id love to be on a beach with my friends, with a bottle of L&P and some yummy fish & chips.   Oh dear – that is a bit sad!

The good news is I’m off to Hong Kong and CHina in a week and a half, I am really excited about going to two new countries that I’ve never been to.   As its mostly for work I wont get to explore much, but I have plans to spend some time in china at some stage – so I am looking forward to the quick visit to suss it out China as a potential holiday destination.   


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

One thought on “This is how homesick I was yesterday…”

  1. I was googling “homesick kiwi” looking for some images to make the sensation that much greater, you know, and i clicked on your link that came up – really appreciated reading your little blurb, i know exactly what you are talking about. Love the fish and chips, miss the fish and chips when they are out of reach, not so keen when they are just around the corner… ha ha ha

    Could really do with a Meal Mate though mate! you know with butter, and put two together and squeeze them so you get little butter worms coming out of the holes! or was that just me? lol

    Have fun on your travels. Thanks for the read and the picture!

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