Another cool taxi driver in Bangkok

Well, these days the only time I use my Thai language skills to the their full extent seems to be in taxis…  it’s a bit of a waste really, I should try and learn the language properly but I seem to lack motivation (and a will to spend $) on lessons. 

Today I had the coolest taxi driver ever.   I am sure this guy has spent a lot of time as a monk, he looked like a monk (not sure why, but he looked monkish) and he had a really really good vibe!   I could tell straight away that he is a good person, with a good heart – if vibes had colour this guys vibe would be a very strong colour.   This sounds hippyish, but I want to get across how cool this driver was.

So the drive home ended up being a great Thai lesson as the driver chatted with me for a good 30 mins, he could speak some English but I would say the conversation would have been about 98% in Thai!   He asked me lots of questions so I had to actively participate in the conversation…. wow, it was hard… but good.     It made me think, I really ought to try and learn some more Thai properly…  I could be nearly fluent if I put my mind to it! 


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

2 thoughts on “Another cool taxi driver in Bangkok”

  1. mmm i want fish and chips now…. yum. good to practice a new language, i reckon your thai is about as good as my espanol! did you eat the maggot soup? less than a month till i get to see ya ju! crazy! bek is well lookin forward to meeting ya too, she wants you to take her clothes shopping cause i am not very good at that sort of thing. we’re gonna be in bangkok a few days but she is hangin out for beach and sun so any recommendations would be good. well jealous of you goin to hong kong and china, have lots of fun! give us a call soon, take care love mike =)

  2. Yay moozie, I cant wait to see you!!! : ) I am thinking that you guys should head down south to Ko Samui and Ko Tao. When do you arrive in Bangkok? Send us your flight details and we will pick you up. Its dads b’day on the 4th – hopefully you will be here in time for his b’day drinks.

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