Star Stuck! Re: the man in Saigon

Ok… I’ve held of posting this for a wee while as it might be a tad dorky…. BUT…. I was star struck last week – I was very stoked to get email from Kerre Woodham about the postcard man Megan and I met in Saigon!  

I finally remembered to email TVNZ/Intrepid to tell them about the encounter with the man in the market who we recognised from the TV show Intrepid Journeys (check out this blog entry)….    I wanted to let them know that we bumped into the man in the market, he remembered Kerre very clearly and that he was obviously very stoked to be on NZ TV (more so when we told him we recognised him from TV).   

Megan and Julia with the intrepid postcard seller


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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