No Ping Pong with King Kong in Hong Kong

OK, I looked fairly hard but I couldn’t find King Kong in Hong Kong… and no, little bro… I didn’t play ping pong with Suzy Wong while looking for King Kong either!

Hong Kong is pretty cool though, it kind of reminded me of lots of places…  It reminded me a little of home (Wellington) because of the hills, harbour and compactness of the city. And it reminded me of London because of the greyness, coldness, metro/tube, double decker busses, school kids in blazers, plugs and ridiculously heavy coins. It was quite a unique place to visit…  very Asian but with a nice easy familiar feel to it!

Unfortunately… as far as being a tourist in Hong Kong went it was an appalling effort on my behalf.  So bad that I will just have to come back and do all the touristy things I wanted to do (ie, go up the big escalator, get the tram to ‘the Peak’ and check out the Giant Buddha).    Why did I do such a bad ‘Tourist’ effort… well…  unfortunately I had lots of work stuff I wanted/needed to do before I got to China.  So except for one mini shopping spree at H&M (because I was so grateful to find a western chain with cheap clothes that fit me) I ended working most of the time in Hong Kong. 

 Ok… its a terrible photo but it illustrates my point about Hong Kong reminding me of Wellington… This photo reminds me so much of Wellington…. the hills behind the city, the motorway from the Hutt……   Ah…. am I imagining this?  Do you think I might be missing Wellington a little too much?!?

 The view from my Hotel (a bad photo but it looks like Wellington to me!)


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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