My first trip to China

Ok, so the trip to China was for work… but even though it was a work trip I was soooo excited about going because it’s was the first time I’ve been to China.  For some reason (not sure wyy) ever since I was a little girl I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to China.   I plan to go back sometime soon for some travelling, but in the mean time I am really enjoying these little work trips.    The place we stayed in at China is called Jiangmen, it’s a little city (by Chinese standards) about 2.5 hours by ferry from Hong Kong.    Its quite an industrial area and there are many manufacturing factories there (we were visiting one of them).      While I saw a few westerners in the hotel its not somewhere people generally go for a holiday when they are in China.

Here is a map (click to enlarge): 

Map of Jiangmen


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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