The fire masks in my hotel room

We were met by Winnie (the lovely lady who works in the office who speaks English VERY well) and she dropped us off at a very nice hotel.   Seeing as the standard of accommodation is usually so low when I am backpacking I love staying at posh hotels and am like a kid at Disneyland (I don’t stay in them often, so its still novel for me!).    

My nice big KING sized bed Fire masks 1

The funniest thing about my hotel room was the two ‘fire masks’ at the top of the cupboard (see above).   Now seriously… a fire mask?  My room was so close to the lobby/main exit I would have just legged it if there was a fire (not bothering taking the time to mask up).   I must admit, I did wonder if these masks are for a purpose other than fire?!?    Here is a close up, what do you think!?!  

The fire masks


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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