Food in China

When I think of Chinese food, I think of Chinese takeaways in New Zealand…   I am pleased to report the food in China is much better than Chinese takeaways in New Zealand!     Less deep frying and a little less oil (its still pretty greasy though – I really don’t know how the Chinese stay so slim!). 

When we weren’t working in China we seemed to be eating.   Our host Mr Mai took us to some very nice Chinese restaurants that were surprisingly quite different to the Chinese restaurants in New Zealand.   The menus are more interesting too, check this out:
Give Birth Beef

No, I didn’t order the ‘Give Birth Menu Beef’ it sounded plain scary!

Another restaurant we went to was rather interesting… it was a pick your food while you order restaurant.   There are a lot of these in Thailand where you pick your fish you want to eat, but Ive never seen it taken to this level.  This restaurant had soooo many different types of seafood (many Id never heard of before) and a few bits of livestock.   

Selecting our meal Chickens Bunny for dinner anyone? Not sure what this is - but I ate it! Seafood

I can usually handle picking live seafood and eating it (except that time in Bangkok) but this took it to a new level.   I couldn’t cope picking out a cute fluffy bunny rabbit and then 30 mins later eating him up!   No way!    

OK, I know this is a little bit hypocritical…  When I eat a nice cut of lamb I do know deep down that it was once a cute little fluffy lambie skipping merrily in the New Zealand countryside enjoying his/her youth without a worry in the world. 

But still, cute fluffy bunnies!?!

Bunny for dinner anyone?


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I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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