A ‘chillaxed’ weekend at Ko Samet with Mike and Becca

My little bro (Mike) and his girlfriend (Becca) were in Thailand for a little holiday before Mike headed over to oz for a mates wedding.  While they were here I figured I might as well make the most of having some travel buddies around and take a long weekend (in the middle of the week) and head down to Ko Samet for some sun, sand and singa beer.

Due to the crazy Bangkok traffic the taxi ride to the bus station was longer than the bus/ferry trip to the island – so it ended up being a semi-epic journey… but 7 hours after leaving Dad’s place I was drinking beer with Mike and warming up my liver for more boozing to come.

You see, Mike has been living in London and thinks he’s British….  I’m living in Thailand and trying to avoid a beer belly…  Consequently, Mikes BPH* is now a lot higher than mine… I just couldn’t keep up.  It’s sad to think that in the old days my BPH used to be equal to (sometimes higher) than my brothers – I think I must be getting old(er) and maybe even wise(r).

Anyways…. Ko Samet.   It’s a lovely place, the beach is beautiful and the sea is warm.  If you are in Thailand and can’t make it to the beaches down south it’s definitely a good place to top up your tan before going home!

The bungalow we stayed in was a bit below average – we had an incident where the fan fell apart in the middle of the night – I’m amazed that mike managed to sleep through what Becca and I thought was an avalanche tearing down our crappy little bungalow (the plastic bit of the fan being tossed around in the fan).  Mind you, his BPH was pretty high that night so it’s not really that much of a surprise he slept through a virtual avalanche.

So… it was a lovely weekend of lazing on the beach, drinking beer with my bro, going on several missions to find a decent egg for Becca and drinking Mojito’s by the bucket (very classy). 

Here are some pics…

* BPH = Beers Per Hour. 


1 month later – my haircut!

Ok, so its been a month and I have come to terms with my haircut (its grown a lot in a month).   Some days it looks great (lots of volume and has a nice red shade to it) and other days it looks crap (very flat and dull/mousey)… I guess the colour depends on the light.  

On this day it looked OK so I got Pat (my stepsister) to take a photo. 

The new haircut (1 month later)

More critters in our back yard!

The good thing about living in the wop-wops is that we have a real house and a real garden.   I work from home and from my office have a great view of birds, butterflies and the occasional reptile.

A few days ago we saw a baby lizard (about 25cm long)… it seems the big guy who poked his head though the fence last month (see post) has a growing family under our house!   I got a better photo this time as I wasn’t as freaked out by the cute little lizard!

 Do you think this might be Larry? A cute little lizard

Yesterday I spotted a big frog in John’s shoe!  What a very brave frog.

A big brave frog in a big smelly shoe!