More critters in our back yard!

The good thing about living in the wop-wops is that we have a real house and a real garden.   I work from home and from my office have a great view of birds, butterflies and the occasional reptile.

A few days ago we saw a baby lizard (about 25cm long)… it seems the big guy who poked his head though the fence last month (see post) has a growing family under our house!   I got a better photo this time as I wasn’t as freaked out by the cute little lizard!

 Do you think this might be Larry? A cute little lizard

Yesterday I spotted a big frog in John’s shoe!  What a very brave frog.

A big brave frog in a big smelly shoe!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

2 thoughts on “More critters in our back yard!”

  1. Great shot of the frog in the shoe. When Steve (other half) was living in Africa, he put his boots on one morning and thought one was a bit tight, but carried on regardless. Some time later he took it off, and found squashed, dead mouse inside. The moral is – always shake out the footwear before stepping inside.

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