Lizard mayhem

While Jane and I were out and about gallivanting around the countryside Mike and Tony had a lazy day at home.  While they were home alone with the house cleaner they had a lizard sighting.    In fact it was more than a lizard sighting, it was more of a lizard adventure… 

The story from Tony and Mike:   They went outside to take a look at the lizard and left the door open.  The lizard saw the opportunity to take a peek inside the house and the boys then had to chase the ‘huge’ lizard out of the house.  No small feat as the lizard didn’t want to leave and was a bit scared.

The story from the house keeper:  Actually, I am not 100% sure what she was saying as she was talking so fast… but her jumping on a chair and squealing with arms flapping kind of says it all! 

Here are the photos… you decide for yourself what version you believe.

Larry (the Lizard) climbing up the curtain behind my 17″ monitor: 

Larry climbing up the walls!

And Tony (on a Chair) trying to get Larry out from under the desk:

Larry hiding under my desk



Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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