The Journey to Chiang Mai

Seeing as all four siblings were in town (for the first time in 10yrs) Dad and Kob took some time off work and we all went on holiday to Chiang Mai for a week. 

The drive up to Chiang Mai was long but fairly jovial.  The chili bin was well stocked and a lack of cups did not deter the ‘bad boys in the back’.  Kiwi ingenuity was put to the test and cups were made by cutting empty water bottles in half.   Classy.

We stopped at a riverside restaurant where we fed the fish in the river, heard our chicken being killed (they could have covered its beak) and I got attacked by a herd of nasty goose. 
As the day wore on the frequency of toilet stops increased and the back seat got quieter and quieter. 

About 10 hours later we finally arrived in Chaing Mai, drove in circles for a while trying to find the house…But we made it to the lovely B&B.  We stayed at a house along the river front called Moon Dance River (see, the people were absolutely fantastic – I’d highly recommend a stay there.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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