Bubbling with EXCITEMENT!!!

Oh my gosh, I am bubbling with excitement! I’ve just been looking into Yoga courses in India and its getting me all excited about the upcoming trip.

I have found a bunch of yoga courses in a place called Mysore. Mysore seems to be an appropriate place to go as I am sure doing yoga several times a day will cause me to be rather sore!!! I’m not 100% sure I will do the big intensive course I have my eye on, it will really depend on how much time/money I spend getting to Mysore (it’s in the south of India)… boy I wish I wasn’t so crap at budgeting!!! See the thing about this trip is I don’t want to plan anything in too much detail; I just want the trip to flow and work itself out. This means I’ve done no budgeting – but I think I its getting to the stage where I might need to do a rough budget so at least I will know if I am blowing it!

Right, I better go… got a few more worky things I need to do today before the 5 second commute to the living room (oh how I don’t miss my 45min commute to Strathmore).

I will try to post again with some photos of Bangkok before I leave for Nepal as Mandy is curious to see how they fit a family of 4 on a motorcycle.

I hope everyone is well… missing everyone in NZ already.

ps – If anyone has any yoga recommendations in India please let me know (post a comment here or email me).


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

2 thoughts on “Bubbling with EXCITEMENT!!!”

  1. Thanks for the comments on my blog Mandz – good to know that people are reading this thing. Now, when you talk about Yogi on my fruit – I do hope you are refering to Yoghurt!!! he he,

    Im getting VERY excited now…. only 2 sleeps to go!

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