Packing for India and Nepal

This is most uncharacteristic of me but I have started packing for my big trip… This is very odd behaviour as I am usually the kind of girl who packs the night before (usually half sozzeled at 2am before a 6am flight). My how things have changed… perhaps I am getting older and wiser as I get closer to 30!

Anyways… the big dilemma of a single lass travelling around India for a few months all on her lonesome is… what to pack?!? I’ve been doing research on the internet and it appears that my usual style of dressing is going to be too ‘slaper-ish’ for India. According to the internet I should be taking long skirts, trousers and tops with long sleeves to avoid constant harassment and groping by the male population of India. Surely it can’t be that bad?!?

To add a twist to my pre-packing ‘what to wear’ confusion… the internet suggests I consider buying lots of Salwar Kameezs when I get to India to wear when backpacking around. I had no idea what a Salwar Kameeze is so I googled it, check out the pictures below. Can you see me in ‘smelly backpacker’ mode wearing one of these?!? I don’t think so.

A selection of Shalwaar Kameez
A sellection of Shalwaar Kameez

I am really not sure about this… but I will (try to) keep an open mind.

So the plan is… I am going to take as little as possible. Experience tells me I will end up wearing the same clothes every day anyway…. And hey, what I forget I can buy over there. And maybe… I might consider buying a Shalwaar Kameez or two.

The next question…. How many pairs of undies shall I take?!? Word on the street says you only need 3 pairs… one to wear, one to dry and one as a backup…. That is disgusting! I may be about to head into the ‘smelly backpacker’ zone but…really… 3 pairs!?!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

7 thoughts on “Packing for India and Nepal”

  1. Yup! The Intenet is spot on. I just got back from a trip to India as a solo traveller (when I wasn’t latching on to other travellers or later my boyfriend) and I can assure you that you do not want to wear anything without sleeves or above the knees. Even then guys will still gawk at you, especially in the towns. The only exception is on the more touristy Goa beaches. I did buy a salwar kameez and some pretty long rajasthani skirts and you start to kind of get into the style. The women there are so meticulously dressed from their carefully braided and flower clipped hair down to their jangly jewled feet. And everything is really affordable – my pujabi dress cost me 250 ruppee, including scarf and trousers which I think is like 4 euro. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Wow – thanks for the advice. I was kind of taking it with a grain of salt and a “she’ll be right” attitude… I will definitely stick to the long trousers and get some long skirts when I arrive. I actually like wearing long skirts so I am sure I will adjust ok.

    I think I am in for some crazy times…. Eeek!

  3. I cant wait for the pics!!
    – and remember if you do get into a pickle cause u forget the sleeves u could use the SD companion gloves – soo handy! and you thought we didnt think of everything

  4. Yo Mahandi – amazing to think how adaptable the SD companion gloves are…you guys are not just pretty faces and bums. Gosh, I better not forget to pack them – sounds like they could be handy!

    Note to all not in the know: The SD Travel Companions are a gift presented to me by my lovely ex-colleagues at DoL. They are a stunning pair of gloves with finger puppets of my old work buddies (complete with faces and bottoms).

    Here is a photo:

  5. go girl look forward to following your travels,married,children whats the hurry We only got engaged on my 40th. CHOW for now.

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