Katmandu Round Two

Other than looking at mountains there isn’t much to in Nagarkot so I decided to head back to Katmandu to sort a few things out before starting the tour.   I got a lift with the people I met in Nagarkot back to Bhaktapur and then a mini van back to Katmandu.  

Question – how many people can you fit in a 13 seat mini van?   
Answer – between 32 and 34!   Yep, it was pretty crowded in there!

Some random photos from Katmandu:


Katmandu round two is going much better than my first day, I’m feeling a lot more relaxed and am not getting hassled half as much.     I’ve done some laundry and got some more clothes (because I had to wash all my other ones)…

I’m really chuffed with my shopping, I got a lovely long red skirt with embroidery on it and a black cotton top.   I couldn’t find a black long sleeved top that didn’t make me look like a sack of potatoes so I will be showing off a bit of arm in India – I’m sure it will be ok! 

Ok – time to go.  The PCs are painfully slow here so I am not sure how much time I will have to update the blog in the next 2 weeks – it might have to wait until I get to Delhi.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

2 thoughts on “Katmandu Round Two”

  1. Hello wee travelling kiwi… how are you.
    I see you are having a good time and are fine and dandy.
    I hope your eyebrow has recovered … although it did make you look like you had just had an epiphany or aquired a new understanding of the tripagthorus formula which was going to be the savior to humans food scarsity problems.

    Hey , we went and visited Poppa today, he is not well, its pretty sad that he is not at home but he really needs to be there.

    Tony ‘ere. Hello. I’m in Welli to say gidday to Pop. Very windy today but nice to be in welli. So jealous when seeing your pics. Have sooooo much fun!!!!

    Love Jane and Tony

  2. Hi Jane and Tony… your message made me smile and want to cry! I can picture the two of you in Janes flat… no doubt with a bottle of red wine (oh, how I miss red wine!). Im really glad you guys are there to visit Poppa… sometimes I think about coming home – talk about bad luck timing wise for me to go overseas. I feel better knowing you guys visit him and promise to send some postcards. Give him my love and tell him I am thinking about him.

    India is cool, Im having a blast. Havent signed up for yoga yet – but will do so soon (before I chicken out)… I better go – my internet bill is going to be huge today.

    Miss you both lots… love Ju xxx

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