The start of my Intrepid Tour

Because I was a little apprehensive about travelling in India by myself I thought I would start my travels by doing an Intrepid Tour.   I figure that doing a group tour might be a good way to meet some like minded people to travel with and an opportunity make some new friends.  I picked Intrepid because they have small groups (max 12 people), use local guides and local transport… and of course, they are fairly cheap!   

So…  I met the group today and well, to be totally honest I am a little bit disappointed.   The tour was fully booked but after the bomb blasts in Delhi last month half of the people cancelled!  This left me, a kiwi couple (Maxine and Barrie) who are from Napier and in their late 50’s and a British couple (Max and Mac) who are in their mid 40’s.   And of course our tour leader Raj.     

In the end (I am writing this 2 weeks later) the group was fantastic, we all got on well and I didn’t feel like the 5th wheel at all.   The oldies (I say that with total respect) were a lively fun bunch and they all looked out for me (esp the incident when I had 3 too many whiskeys).     The bonus of being the only single girl on the tour is that I didn’t have to share a room (hooray) and the group was small enough that we were not too imposing when we went places.     Raj, our guide, was fantastic… he also looked out for me and helped me organise my travels after the tour.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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