Camping on the banks of the Ganges

While in Varanasi we did an overnight boat trip down the Ganges…. What a great way to experience the mighty Ganges away from the chaos of Varanasi, oh so quiet and relaxing.     We drove in fantastic old school Ambassador cars 40km north of Varinasi and then slowly made our way back in beautiful boats.    We had 2 boats for the 6 of us… I cruised with the two other kiwis (Maxine and Barrie) and named our boat KZ7.   Raj, Max and Mac went in the other boat.   And then of course we had our support boat… complete with chefs who cooked us lovely meals, made us cups of tea and put up our tents for us!  

It was pretty hot…  and without exaggeration (my Kathmandu clock tells the temperature) I can report that it was over 50 degrees C in the sun!!!    Our campsite was great…  I had a tent to myself (a first, I’ve never slept in a tent by myself) and we even had a ‘toilet tent’ – oh and of course… we had a token cow who came and slept near our campsite then buggered off in them morning.  Only in India!!!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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