A dose of luxury in Orchha

We got the overnight train from Varanassi to Jahansi, arrived early and then got auto rickshaws to the Bundelkhand Riverside retreat/hotel.  I am pleased to report the train journey wasn’t half as mental as I was expecting, this is a relief because I am expecting to do a few train trips while in India.

The place we stayed at was lovely…  its so posh (for me) and even had a pool!   Orchha itself is a lovely little medieval town.  I love little towns so I enjoyed wandering around by myself, browsing at the shops (bought a necklace) and just sitting sipping tea watching people.  

While in Orchha we visited the Raj Mahhal a palace built in the 16th Century.  We had a guide who helped paint a fantastic picture of what it would have been like in its day – full of colour and beautiful people.   Water flowing, ancient air-conditioning/cooling systems, dances, games and royal shenanigans – the king had secret passage ways to the rooms of his concubines and built an add on to the palace (with a secret passage way) for a dancer he fell in love with.

We stayed two nights in Orchha – during this time I wandered around, managed to get a couple of swims in, worked on evening out my tan (my arms are really brown but my shoulders are lilly white because I have to keep them covered) and went to a cooking demonstration.      I really enjoyed my time in Orchha and while it was sad to leave….. the next stop is Agra to see the Taj Mahal.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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