No photo can convey her beauty… Visiting the Taj Mahal

Yet another early start to get the morning train from Jahansi to Agra.   The train journey was fairly uneventful but I was surprised to see so many people sleeping in the streets by the Jahansi train station, there are families just living in the streets.   This isn’t unusual but it is just the first time I’ve really seen people sleeping on the streets (in my mind I thought the poor people hanging on the streets during the day go home to a shack or something at night)… the poverty in India is really hard to deal with.

We arrived at the train station and was picked up by private cars and taken to our guest house which is a 2 min walk to the Taj.    We had some time to wander around Agra and then met up to visit the Taj Mahal.   

Oh my goodness…  No photo can capture the beauty of this magnificent building.  Walking though the gates and seeing the Taj was definitely a ‘wow’ moment.   I spent a couple of hours taking pics and wandering around the grounds with the hundreds of people visiting.   As it was early afternoon the evening light was lovely – we caught the start of sunset at the Taj and then wandered down to the river to watch the sunset.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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