New Delhi

We arrived in Delhi near midnight and had a bit of a ‘last night’ party in Raj’s room.  I think I crashed about 2.30am and slept well after having a tiny bit of whiskey (taken for medicinal purposes for my cold of course).     The group all went for breakfast together and then went our separate ways with a plan to meet up at the Imperial midday.     Barrie, Maxine and I did a post office mission which took ages due to a power cut and very very slow  postal workers and then got an auto to the Imperial.

The Imperial Hotel in New Delhi is extravagantly posh…  at $575usd a night its well above my budget.   I ordered the cheapest thing on the menu (other than water) and had a diet coke and soaked in the wealth.    I find it amazing that people go on holiday in India going from one posh hotel to the next via air-conditioned posh cars…

Max and Mac shouted everyone a drink to celebrate (or commiserate) the end of the trip and I had a lovely glass of red wine.  Ooh, how I miss wine, you can’t get it in Asia unless you pay big bucks for the good stuff.

In the evening I checked into a new hotel (a big step down from the quality of hotels I’ve been staying with on the tour) and Raj, Max, Mac and I went out for one last supper… a lovely Indian curry (yum) at a restaurant filled to the brim with tourists.  It was the most westerners I’d seen in one place but the food was divine.   

After dinner I went back to the hotel with the others and we all said our goodbyes.  It was really sad leaving the group, but I am really excited to go and explore for a while on my own.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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