My first bought of Delhi belly

I’ve been feeling pretty crap for the last few days with a cold and yesterday I had the first warning signs that my good tummy luck is about to run out… Delhi Belly struck on the day I have a 6am bus ticket to Chandigrah!     Oh dear, not good.  Because I felt it brewing yesterday I skipped dinner, overnight I managed to ‘cleanse’ my system completely… so I decided to take anti-nausea pills and panadol, drink only a little bit of water and risk the bus. 

I arrived on the outskirts of Chandigrah mid morning and got an auto rickshaw to a hotel, booked in and crashed.  I woke up about 6pm and went to get water and bananas, took some rehydration salts and went back to bed.   I then woke up at 10pm feeling very refreshed thinking Id slept in until 10am the next day…   luckily before having a shower and getting dressed I worked out it was still evening and went back to bed again!     I finally woke at 8am feeling a lot better for having nearly 24hrs sleep!   

Hooray I survived my first bought of delhi belly!   I must say it was noted that within days of being released from Raj’s care I got delhi belly – this must be a true testimate to how well he looked after us on tour!!!   Thanks Raj!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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