The Fantasy Rock Garden in Chandigrah

A slow start meant I missed out on the tourist bus to the Fantasy Rock Garden by 10mins.  Still feeling very weak form being crook I decided to splash out and get a taxi.   The idea of having a pleasant quiet stroll in the gardens was abolished the second I arrived… I was followed by a helpful group of school boys and then later we had a few extras tagging along.   Lots of people were staring, taking my photo and saying hello. 

The Fantasy Rock Garden is the work of Nek Chand a man who started sculpting things out of waste a good 36 years ago and now has created an awesome Fantasy Rock Garden… the garden is quite large and it takes at least an hour to wander through the labyrinth of nooks and crannies which are decorated with the sculptures.   In the centre there is a big area with swings and while I was there a school group was playing…  the sound of children laughing and having a good time really added to the experience.       Here are some photos:

So even though I didn’t get the time out I had hoped for I still had a great time, the boys were good company and to my surprise at the end of the tour instead of asking for money (as most tagger-on-ers do) they presented me with a lovely bangle.   I got their addresses and will send copies of the photos I took as soon as I get a chance.    They taught me a valuable lesson – not every friendly face in India is after your money.  I wasted precious moments stressing about how to avoid being scammed by the boys when they had no intention of scamming me – they just wanted to hang out and practice their English!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

2 thoughts on “The Fantasy Rock Garden in Chandigrah”

  1. Hi Ju! I’ve been to the rock garden in Chandigarh – isn’t it lovely? I’ve got some photos that look just like yours! Sounds like you’re having a great time – just catching up on your blog. I still got to get you Mithu’s brother’s number eh? But sounds like you’ve acclimatised and really enjoying your tour. Are you wearing a Salwar Kameez yet?!!!!

  2. Hi Debs…. yeah, I really enjoyed the Fantasy Rock Garden… Tony would have loved it (recycled good and abstract art). Yeah, Ive kind of been and gone to Udipuar… oops! Im now in Kerela chilling out on the beach for a week before the 1 month yoga course. Hope all is well with you – give that big sister of mine a hug
    xx Julia

    ps – nope, decided against the Salwar Kameez… not quite my cup of tea! Western clothes have been ok, I kind of figure people are staring at me because I am western… what I wear isnt going to make much difference at all!

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